Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.14

This art exhibition is held for expressing “the art of the place”, such as the history and memories of the people living here. Matushiro has “Sensui-ro” , the canal system of historical artificial pond. At several places where this facility is located, artists explore space and art.

Haru Nakamura

He was born in Nagano Pref., Japan, in 1990. He currently lives and works in Nagano City and presides over the gallery Mamegura in Nagano City.

2017 ”Tarikihongan -Ji “ Megi House, Setouchi Triennale ,Kagawa
2015 “Stupa” Mamegura, Nagano
2014 Work Shop at Wakita Museum, Karuizawa, Nagano
2013 Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.13, Nagano.

“Tsukumotsuku” and “ Milk Shop”

“Tsukumotsuku” is the title of a series of his works with collage on old Japanese tools. It’s said, tools which have been used for long time, stay in the soul of the tool.
The shapes, textures and histories of tools create it’s individual stories. “Tsukumotsuku” is an attempt to present these stories. This time, He will develop works as an installation at an old milk processing plant in near the gallery Shoshinkan.

Tsukumotuku: Collage on old battledore
Tsukumotuku: Collage on old rice paddle
Tsukumotuku: Collage on old mallet

Shoshinsha Milk Shop

On the property is Shoshinsha Milk Shop which was a milk processing plant, another National Registered Tangible Cultural Property. It was built in 1934 and was originally a business owned by Baron Sanada. Its architecture is unusual and rare.

The song for milk man