Rental Spaces for Art and Events

Gallery Shoshinkan - Art for Happiness -


Floor Plan

Plan view

Plan view of 1st Floor
Plan view of 2nd Floor

First Floor

Gallery Space (1)

Gallery 1

Entrance Space

Entrance Space

Kitchen Space

Kitchen Space

Japanese Tatami Room

Japanese Tatami Room (Optional: additional fee)

2nd Floor

Gallery Space (2)

Gallery 2

Gallery Space (2)

Gallery 2 (the back is Gallery 3)

Gallery Space (3)

Gallery 3

Gallery Space (3)

Gallery 3

Terms of service

Please read below and understand the following terms of use before applying.

Please note the terms of use are subject to change without notice .

Gallery Space

On the 1st floor in addition to the one gallery space, there are the entrance space and resting area with a small kitchen, which are also available for usage. The 2nd floor has two gallery spaces.

The 1st floor has a traditional dirt floor.(Please be informed that there is no heating or air conditioning available in this historic traditional Japanese house.)

Usage period A one unit duration of usage is 6 days, Thursday through Tuesday. Please consult with us for usage of fewer or more days than one unit.
Rental Fees ¥30,000 (yen) per 6 days (Minimum Rental). * A fee of ¥1000 per day will be additional to cover the cost of air conditioning fee (if used).
Gallery Hours 9:30 to 18:30
  • For usage beyond regular gallery hours, a fee of ¥1000 per hour will be additional.
  • We ask that opening parties take place during gallery hours. Please let us know if you wish to do so ahead of time.
How to apply Please apply using the Contact Form. You will receive a response from the Gallery. The Gallery reserves the right to turn down applications.
Agreement & Payment

After receipt of your reservation e-mail and tentative reservation, a meeting with the Gallery Director will be arranged.

You will be responsible for the preparation of pamphlets and other information about your work.

Once agreement for the usage of the Gallery and details are finalized in meeting with the Director, we ask that a full payment for the usage be made in cash.

Cancellation Policy

50% of the rental price will be returned in the case that the reservation is cancelled.

No money will be returned if cancelled within a month or less before the reserved date.

Set Up / Take Down

We ask that hanging/set up be done on the day before or on the first day of the agreed days and take it down on the last day, both be done during regular gallery hours.

Please clean up after hanging/set up and take down of your show.

The space must be returned in the way you found it for the courtesy of the next user.

* Additional hands needed to hang/set up and take down the show, are to be arranged by the user.

  • Lighting: Rail LED halogen spotlight (variable with dimmer)
  • Indirect lighting
  • Showcases, table, chairs available for use.
  • Air conditioning and space heaters are available for additional ¥1000 per day.
Parking Space Parking spaces for approximately 5 cars are available on the property. Free public parking spaces nearby too.
Display of Artworks Please consult us ahead of time. Adhesives, captions, hooks for hanging frames, price tags, wrappings, etc. are the responsibilities of the user.
  • Works will be asked to be hung on the wall using wire.
  • No nails are permitted to be used on the walls and pillars.
  • When using adhesive tape, use those that will not damage the wall such as 3M Command Wall Mounting Tabs and putty eraser.
  • Please let us know how your show will be hung ahead of time.
  • Works cannot be hung in some spots.

The user is responsible for overseeing the works in the show.

The Gallery is not responsible for unforeseen damages of fire and other disasters as well as mishaps including theft.

Damage / Loss In the case of damage, defacement of the Gallery walls, floors, and loss of fixtures, the user will be asked to compensate for the actual cost of repairs and/or replacement.
Cleanup Post-event cleanup is the responsibility of the Renter.

Other notes

  • The user will be responsible for the oversight, sale, etc. of the works.
  • The user or someone on behalf of the user is asked to be present in the space throughout the duration of usage. If this is difficult, please let us know ahead of time.
  • Reassignment of usage other than originally agreed upon is not permitted.
  • While using the Gallery, please be sure to keep it clean at all times.
  • After usage, please return it to the way you found it.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the Gallery or on the property. Your cooperation is appreciated.


  • Users are asked to prepare their own invitations, posters, etc.
  • Once the agreement for the usage of the space is finalized, the gallery logo and map will be made available to the user in data format.
  • Notice of your upcoming show will be posted on the gallery website.
  • Please make photos of images available for the website.


1220 Matsushiro Matsushiro-machi
Nagano-shi, Nagano 381-1231 Japan

Neighborhood map

Lamp shade and old ceiling beams
Wooden stairs
Antique showcase
Antique lattice window
Antique lattice window
the pond in the garden